Penis blanket

I made a penis blanket. Yes. A penis blanket. When you see it you probably get why I called it penis blanket. If you are curious how on earth I came up with it then read along…

Penis blanket

I made this for a school assignment. The assignment was to pick a subject that interested me, and make art with that. Was my interest penis? No, not initially at least. I chose pink for a subject.

I started looking up what I, and other people, associated the color pink with… The answers went from ‘girly things’ to flesh, and from porn to hitler… Don’t ask me why, it made sense at the time.

mega knitting detail

I came up with the idea to do something with ‘typically feminine things…’ and started experimenting with female trades, like handworking. I started experimenting with knitting different kinds of material, and after a while I wanted to do knitting, but huge… Kind of like how some men don’t just want any car, but a Hummer. I wanted to make the Hummer of knitted things.

penis blanket detail penis

So I started on fabricating my own yarn out of this shiny silky material. as I was filling it with polyester filling and I held the tube shaped fabric in my hand I noticed I was making a movement very similar to ‘shaking a bottle’ *couch couch*

penis blanket detail balls

‘The shaking of the bottle’ could not be unseen, and I simply had to turn it into a penis after that. So now I guess you can say it really is the male version of a blanket. A hummer of a blanket.


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